“For the first time ever,
I’m sharing my knowledge,
tools and tactics
to help you master
the art of real estate.”

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Brett Oppenheim Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

Learn the industry's best kept secrets and unique insights and become the most successful and resourceful agent in your city.

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Brett Oppenheim Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors

Fast track your way to passive income and financial independence with this cutting edge and comprehensive mentorship.

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What I want

you to achieve

I used to work a 9-5 job as an attorney, grinding away every day trying to save what little money I could from my salary. Real estate allowed me to get out of the corporate rat race and create financial freedom for myself. My goal with these masterclasses is to provide a platform for you to learn from my experiences and achieve the same level of success and happiness that I have, by becoming an expert in the thrilling and prosperous world of real estate.

Real Estate Masterclass

What I offer you

  • Key concepts to minimize risk, such as my 10-Year Rule and 10% Rule.
  • Specific strategies to get yourself out of the rat race and into a position of financial freedom.
  • Skills to identify the best opportunities, project short and long-term returns, and out-perform your competition.
  • Comprehensive tutorials on the arts of negotiation, organization and marketing.
  • Tools to confidently create your own business and thrive as a real estate professional.
  • And much much more!